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What we offer

Advertising. It’s an interruption to everyone’s flow. At AD-Venture Advertising, it’s our job to make sure that that interruption – whether it’s a commercial break, billboard, pop-up, or page in a magazine - is worth it.
As a business owner, you want not only the biggest bang for your buck, but to be seen, heard and read in the right places. You want the most effective interruption to the flow you can get.
AD-Venture Advertising Agency brings you that and more.
We work our contacts to get you the best deals - taking the headache out of your media buying.


Why should you use us?
  • Owner Kirstin Martin has 27 years of experience in local and national sales and marketing. As a television sales executive who has worked for some of the major stations in Tucson, Kirstin has the contacts and the smarts to get the best for your business. She has also worked in public relations and online publishing. Find out more about Kirstin here.  
  • We can do mass buys and get you big discounts. We can also get you great upgrades, thanks to our pool of media contacts.
  • AD-Venture’s services don’t stop at media buying. We also do ROI analysis and research, measuring the effectiveness of your campaign. We’ll give you in-depth demographic profiling and we’ll help you with script development and copywriting.
  • We have extensive creative contacts. If you need graphic design, a videographer or help with public relations, we can do that too.


Email Kirstin or call us on 520 240 7573. Let’s get this AD-Venture started!

Ad-Venture provides TV exposure for their clients.
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